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Drain Inspection

Drain Cleaning

Exceptional Drain Inspection and Cleaning Services

Don't allow your sinks and drains to stay clogged for long hours. Contact the experienced plumbers at Precision Plumbing for exceptional drain inspection and cleaning services.

You can count on our professional plumbers to use the drain clog jetting method to clean your drains and sinks. We also provide reliable repair services for your water heaters and gas pipes.

Top-Grade Drain Cleaning Products for You

When you choose us, not only will you receive quality cleaning services but also top-quality drain cleaning products, such as Plumbers Formula 4, 5 and 6.

At Precision Plumbing, we use hydrostatic testing to ensure that your drains are inspected efficiently. Call us today for a plumbing inspection.

Tips for Clog-Free Drains and Sinks

  • Do not pour grease and coffee grounds down the kitchen sink as it can clog the drain. Allow the grease to harden so that you can dispose it in the trash
  • Flush kitchen and bathroom sinks with hot water after heavy use.
  • Use a drain screen or grid to catch hair and residue in tubs and showers
  • Use high-quality drain cleaning products to clean your bathroom and kitchen sinks
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